Saturday, June 6, 2015

Paddling the bare minimum in Bay Bulls

Dean suggested a paddle in Bay Bulls as it is sheltered from the southerly winds forecasted.  When we got there Gerard was in the process of taking a tour group out.  Room was scarce but I managed to get to the front of the line and put in between the boats on the right.

Dean and Terry moved their kayaks over to this fibreglass unfriendly beach.

As we got going it got a little crowded but we soon ...

... gave each other a bit more space.

There was a sizeable swell in the inner harbour which meant 5 kms out in the open ocean it was going to be massive.  I shot this and as we paddled further east I took the camera out to take another shot and ...

... nothing.  The camera just would not turn on.  Massively disappointing.  I thought to myself there are going to be only a few pictures to share.  Therefore, I now going to redirect you to Dean's blog for more shots of today's paddle so he's bailing me out today.

Back at the takeout the GPS said 10 kms paddled.  That's barely a paddle but it was entertaining in the conditions.

Incidentally, when I got off the water I checked the camera for water inside.  There was none, not a drop.  I popped the battery out, reinserted and the camera was working fine again.  I'll remember that for the next time it happens..

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