Friday, July 25, 2014

Walkabout in Rencontre East

We paddled over to have a look around Rencontre East after setting up out tents across the water on Rencontre Island.  Rencontre East's motto is "Isolated and loving it".  So, if you've never been, fasten your seatbelts and off we go.

Looking at the harbour front.  We wondered why all the boats were hauled up and not out at work.

Main Street.

We followed Main Street uptown and on the way back were passed by one of the local taxi companies.

As we passed the airport an Air Canada flight was arriving.

We stopped by the church which in most communities is built on the most prominent point, giving us a good view out over the entire settlement.

On a side street we happened upon Judy's General Store laid out in the traditional Newfoundland outport style.  Judy was on hand and gave me one of her racy calendars.

The only restaurant in town was opening as we finished our tour so we sat down to enjoy some beer we purchased and placed our order for either hamburgers or fried chicken.  While it was foggy it was not wet.  Quaint may be one way of putting it but it was as pleasant an eating experience as I've had in any large city.  The chicken was excellent!

After finishing our supper we were pleased to be relieved of cooking supper back at our campsite.  We finished our household chores and ...

... collected wood for our usual evening fire while we chatted and had a few sociables.  It was a fine way to end a super day in Fortune Bay.

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