Thursday, July 24, 2014

Isolated and loving it

Up to day 3 of our Fortune Bay trip we had beautiful sunshine.  On day 4, when we awoke in Doctors Harbour to a foggy day.  Foggy, but no rain and not at all unpleasant.

We had breakfast, broke camp and backtracked a bit to begin the day with a tour of Belle Harbour.  Dean looks down into the lower reaches as fog lingers on the hill tops.

Hazen looked happier as we turned and were almost out of Belle Harbour.  Somewhere between Doctors Harbour and the entrance to Belle Harbour he had lost his glasses.  It was the first time I ever heard him swear.  He back tracked and luck was on his side when he spotted them floating on the attached glasses float.  So far the day was off to a good start.

Near Doctors Harbour we stopped to admire this tall waterfall tumbling to the sea.

This part of the trip was in many ways the most scenic even in the fog as the cliffs towered 250 feet over our heads.  In the distance Isle a Glu is just a slight bump on the horizon.

Dean paddles between a rock and a hard place.

The theme for the day was waterfalls as we pass another descending out of the fog.

And another waterfall in an un-named small cove I will call "Watering Hole Cove" because it was where we ...

... stopped to filter and replenish our drinking water.  The water is probably safe to drink without filtering but so far from medical attention wasn't worth the risk especially as we had the equipment.

Again, in Little Bay, water falls off of the high hills.

The shore along Little Bay took us to a small river with what looked like a large marshmellow.

After stopping in Burdocks Cove to cook up lunch we continued on in the fog which seemed to thicken as we reached Rencontre East.

We picked a campsite on Rencontre Island, set up our tents and then set off across the water to check out the community of Rencontre East, whose motto was "Isolated and loving it".  Its only connection to the outside world is by ferry boat.  Or, kayak if so inclined!

The day was foggy but not at all wet.  A most enjoyable 25 km paddle from Doctors Harbour.

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