Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Mystery mounds at Goat Cove

On Sunday Dean and Derrick noted a couple of white mounds at Goat Cove as we passed.  I didn't notice.

Tuesday, was a hot, calm day and after working in the garden in the morning I was anxious for the cooler salt water.  I put-in at St. Philips and decided to check out Goat Cove before heading south to Topsail Beach.  I reached Goat Cove but the mystery mounds were not discernible.  A closer inspection confirmed their presence but under some type of camouflage material.

The sky and sea appeared to blend into one blue vista.

Rocks seemed to hover as if in a mirage.

The water was crystal clear while in the distance Bell Island separated sea from sky.

It was hot.  The only relief was an occasional roll or ...

... a cool shower under a running torrent.  This cool down at a small landing no more than 2 meters wide.  Refreshing.

As I continued on my way something in the water broke the mirror like surface.  I stopped.  As it came closer I saw it was a seal, swimming on its back.  Once it caught sight of me it rolled over and disappeared under water.

The one seagull that didn't feel threatened by me watched me closely but did not take to wing.

This plant looked like something that would grow in salt water but it was clinging to the rocky cliff some 3 meters up.  Some good hand holds and I was able to climb up for a close up.  Amazing where life will take hold.

I was almost back a St. Philips where I stopped to look out at Conception Bay in this small alcove with its stony guard.

It was July 1st.  The year is half over but the bulk of the year's paddling lies ahead and I'm already looking on the north side of 500 kms.

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  1. Tony that plant is goldenroot. Absolutely delicious to eat. One of the many wild edibles along our coast line.