Sunday, July 20, 2014

Up the river, with paddle

Saturday we took the ferry from Bay L'Argent to Pools Cove, paddled the short distance to Lake Cove and got ourselves in position to begin the trip proper.

We awoke Sunday on day 2 in the shadow of the hill under which we were camped but the sun lit up the hills beyond.  We broke camp and were on our way ...

... to explore the Bay du Nord River.  When we conceived the trip back in January Hazen wanted to paddle up this river that extends inland for miles and miles.  He had been here some 30 years ago so maybe there was a bit of nostalgia involved.  I know I feel that way.

As we made our way up the river I spotted a blue and gold plaque fixed to a rock along the shore.  I went over and with some difficulty snapped a picture because it was well above my head.  It indicated the river was designated a "Canadian heritage river" in 2005.  Its part of the Day du Nord Wilderness and Ecological Reserve.

About two and a half kilometers up the river it narrows and then opens up again and we were greeted by this placid scene.

Five and a half kilometers up we came to a set of falls that blocked our progress but it goes on for well over 20 kilometers.

Three people were busy fly fishing for salmon, without success said the angler.

I had to walk the kayak up the last stretch to get to the deeper water of the pool below the falls but managed to float back downstream avoiding rocks in the river.  When we got back out to the mouth of the river we had paddled or coasted 11 kilometers and at 11:00 am the day was just starting.

One objective of the trip had been met.

The breadcrumbs (in blue) for the river paddle.

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