Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Day 2 ends with a duck

Day 2 of our Fortune Bay trip began with a paddle up the Bay du Nord River and a walk about the resettled community of Bay du Nord before carrying on to East Bay where we intended to camp for the night.

By 12:00 we had already clocked 15 kms and we were ready for lunch.  We stopped on this small beach near East Bay Head where there was just enough room to set up our stoves.

We had been paddling along cliffs of conglomerate and at our lunch beach I had a chance for a closer inspection.  A cobble of granite in the conglomerate caught my attention.  It was interesting because it must have had a long journeyed history before ending up in the mix.

Granite is an intrusive igneous rock that cools over a long period in the earth kilometers underground.  As it cools slowly, identifiable crystals are formed.  Millions of years of erosion unroofed the granite intrusion to free it and deposit this rounded cobble in with the other bits in the matrix.  Now you know!

After a swing through the entrance to North West Brook in East Bay (sheesh!) we made our way to Parsons Cove.

We saw numerous eagles and I finally got one to sit still while I took it picture.  Click to enlarge and its at about 1:00 from the center of the snap.

Near North East Brook in Parsons Cove we filtered some water but before Hazen decided to take a cool down.

We looked around a bit to pick the best campsite.  Parsons Cove is very shallow and with the low tide we were a long way from tenting ground.  We carried the kayaks after taking most of the heavy stuff out.

My dome tent turned into an "A-frame".  With no rain in the forecast I left the repair to the next day.

All the while we were setting up camp a duck was impaled on a stick and suspended over the fire to sweat it out.

As darkness fell we had a few swallies by the fire right on the edge of the high tide mark.

Its not a fire until enough wood is added *lol*

As day 2 drew to a close the moon rose in the night sky casting moonbeams on the darkened sea.  It was a great day with lots of interest along our 27 kms paddled to get here.

How we got there.

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