Friday, May 2, 2014

Taking a bruising

Yesterday evening was our regular Thursday evening practice.  There were nine of us.  We started off playing around here where there was a bit of ...

... action!

There were times when there was minimal action but when the larger wave sets came in, it was challenging.  I dallied a bit and as the water sucked back I knew what was coming next.  I paddled hard to hold position until I was picked up and carried sideways onto the rocks.  Bang!  Its that split second between edging away from the rocks to let the hull take the pounding and righting necessary to keep the hair dry as the water pulls back that is the key.

I've taken enough poundings in my fiberglass boat not to be too concerned but it can be disconcerting.  When I took the kayak out at the end of the evening there was a bruise *lol*.

After getting our fill of that we went for a paddle to Portugal Cove.  There were times I lost sight of Clyde between Beachy Cove and Wester Point as the swells got larger.  We paddled into Portugal Cove, took a pee break and ...

... returned to St. Philips under a setting sun as winds dropped and the sea settled.

Another enjoyable evening.  It remains cool at 4C.  The water temperature is still at 0C. 

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