Monday, May 5, 2014

Casing the iceberg

We arrived at the berg from the west side.

And paddled around it clockwise.  It was only one iceberg but I made sure I shot lots of pictures.  This one on the north side with the pinnacle towering over the rest of the ice.

Icebergs can be unstable and flip over or break apart unannounced.  On the east side Dean and Brian discuss the potential for the pinnacle to collapse leftwards along the diagonal lines of refrozen water.  I don't know how many times we said we'd like to be there, at a safe distance, when the pinnacle did collapse.

Neville and I checking out the south side.

Back around on the west side, it featured a small alcove.  Darker blue lines highlight fractures in the glacier where melt water refroze.  The berg itself is white because of the air bubbles in the ice whereas the refrozen water doesn't contain the same amount of air so it froze darker unable to scatter the light the same way.

Here's the track of our paddle.  The circle is where the berg was located, 2.6 kms from the left (west) side and 1.7 from the right (east) side.

We live next door to iceberg alley but aren't always graced with icebergs that drift close to shore.  There were none last year so when they do present themselves we got to get out there.

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