Friday, May 9, 2014

I alone

Last evening was Thursday and it was the day to meet at St. Philips.  I had indications earlier in the day that some of the regulars would not be able to attend.  I considered that I might be by myself.  When I arrived my suspicions were verified.

It was 4 C at put-in time and a 25 km wind out of the north.  It was brisk.  I decided I'd go for a solo paddle up to Portugal Cove.  I passed this spot where the ice still hung on.

As I rounded the shore to enter Kings Cove the waves picked up but manageable with the larger at 1 meter.

As I made my way along the bow gently settled on the back of the waves except plopped over the larger.  I paddled and side surfed to get through the G-Spot.  A little bit of an adrenaline rush but no issues.

At Sailing Point things looked good to get through the channel.  There was only a bit of swell to deal with.  Having had a swim here Christmas Eve in conditions I should have stayed out of, I was very careful as I was by myself.

Near Wester Point at the entrance to Portugal Cove there's another channel behind some rocks.  There's more water between the rocks and the shore here than at Sailing Point so more room for error.  The Bell Island ferry plies its way across on the horizon.

I thought I might as well go right to the beach beside the ferry terminal.  Nature called in any case.

Seakayak Stardust looked a lonely boat so I though better make it a short break.  I retraced my steps back to St. Philips to find Dave and Jacob there.  Apparently I wasn't patient enough.  Ah well, I had a fine paddle anyway by myself.

I wanted to clock some more kms so I went.  But, I prefer to paddle with others if for no other reason than the pictures are more interesting.

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