Saturday, May 10, 2014

Something familiar

Nothing much was developing Friday so I put the call out for a morning paddle close by.  Winds in the afternoon were being forecasted to be in the range of 20 knots gusting to over 30.  The morning paddle would do just fine because we'd be off the water before the wind picked up.

Brian and I set out under sunny skies with light fluffy cumulus clouds in a slight SW breeze.

We paddled up to Topsail Beach, got out for a quick stretch before heading back to St. Philips.  The tide was falling and the wind picked up a bit.  In close to the cliffs it got confusing with the incoming waves mixing it up with the rebounding clapotis (sorry no pictures, just enjoying the ride).

Sometimes its being in the zone and I was there today.  It was total comfort as the kayak got bounced around whereas on other occasions the kayak might feel twitchy.

It was a short 14 km paddle but so rewarding.  I was just glad to get out.

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