Sunday, May 25, 2014

Sea world under my hull

The stars did not align for a paddle buddy this weekend.  Sickness and chores claimed most.  I was on two minds whether I'd go.  The main reason for not going was there wouldn't be any kayakers to take pictures of.  The shore without a kayak in it is, well, just a shoreline.

I decided I'd go, take my time and see what kind of interesting shots I could get under water.  It wasn't till I got home to download the pictures from the camera that I could see whether I got anything interesting.  Interest is in the eye of the beholder.  I liked the colours.

I sat behind as rock and caught the surge spilling past the camera.  It looked to me like the stars after starship Enterprise went into warp factor 2.  Maybe pop art?  An Andy Worhal original?

Kelp streaming in the surging swell.

Bits of kelp floating on the surface.

A sprig of delicate seaweed plucked from its place and cast adrift.

A bit of greenery to contrast with the brown kelp with air bubbles on the surface.

Life clings on to a rock laying on an otherwise barren sea floor.

I had a leisurely paddle of 14 kms and I had a bit of fun trying to capture some of the life under my hull.  That was reason enough to get the hull wet.

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