Saturday, March 12, 2011

Penultimate winter paddle?

Outward leg

Today was the second last weekend of winter. It wasn't a beautiful day by any stretch of the imagination. It wasn't freezing but it was damp and the dampness made the cold go right through me when not moving.

It was a gray day; the pictures don't lie. Not much exciting on offer in them but, hey, it is what it is - a day of paddling.


There are numerous rocks along the south side of Witless Bay. Wherever they extended from the shore there were breaking waves to play in or avoid. Here a couple of the guys were in avoidance mode.

More breakers

The sound of breaking waves adds to the sea kayaking experience.


A swell was rolling in as we paddled out of Witless Bay harbour and lost the protection of the north side.

Witless Point

Near Witless Point and the open ocean the southerly wind, unabated by the land, whipped the sea up. We paddled out to the point, hung out a bit and made our way back for lunch.

On a rocky shore

We stopped on this beach called, I believe, Camel Beach. Kind of appropriate, only way more bumps on this beach than on a camel.

After lunch we put back in and played for a while in the breaking waves just offshore.

An easy day, a total paddled of 14.7 kms at a laughable average moving speed of 3.9 kms/hr. That would include our play time so when we were "moving" we did go a bit faster.

Some days are better than others but at least we were able to get out and that's what mattered to my paddle buddies today.

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