Thursday, March 17, 2011

How to delete maps from Garmin GPS

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So, I have a new toy. The Price Club were selling off their Garmin 60CSx GPS units for $199.99, too good to pass up.

Sometimes I'm a man of little patience. I had a bit of fidgeting to do to get detailed maps loaded onto the unit and didn't take the time to read the Manual. I ended up loading all of the island of Newfoundland and parts of Cape Breton and Quebec. Afterwards, I realized I could zoom in closer and select just the maps along the coastline. I thought all I'd have to do is delete the ones I didn't want. That proved to be difficult to do or to find instructions. For once, Google was not at all helpful.

I did figure it out but stumbled onto the solution.

On page 13 of the MapSource Manual under "Transfering MapSource Data" it states "each time you transfer maps to a data card, you completely erase it with new data".

I took my time to select only the maps I wanted and created a new map set to download. Before starting I checked the memory card usage. It had 70.78 megs of map data using up 7% of the space. After transferring the new, slimmer map set I checked again and it had 25.34 megs of data using 2% of the capacity! The old maps I didn't want were gone.

Nowhere in the Manual does it use the word "Delete" or "Remove" in connection with removing maps. I was lucky I stumbled onto the solution.

What are the wider implications? Let's say a trip is planned and the necessary maps are loaded onto the GPS unit. At a later time you realize one map was missed so you download that one. When you get to the beginning destination of the trip you will find you only have one map on the unit, the last one loaded.

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