Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Cut and run

A snow squall moves in

Sunday Clyde, Dean, Neville and I were out for a bob-about in St. Philips. Its wasn't going to be a pleasant day for a day paddle so we opted to pound into the wind and waves a bit. The more we do this the more commonplace it seems.

I had my new toy, the Garmin GPS with me. I was surprised to see the detail in the track I downloaded and our performance. We paddled 2.5 kms into a 15 knot wind with numerous breaking waves for 35 minutes at an average speed of 4 kms/hr. At times, paddling into the wind it feels like the boat isn't moving but the mind is only playing tricks.

Once we got to St. Thomas Cove we sat for a few minutes and drifted at 2 kms/hr as we discussed whether we'd carry on to Topsail. Looking in the direction the wind was coming from we saw a snow squall moving in so we decided to run in front of it. Riding the waves back took 18 minutes at an average speed of 8 kms/hr. Nevertheless, the squall overtook us as snow swirled all around.

After a coffee, numerous refills and a yak at By Da Beach Restaurant we were soon warmed up again.


  1. out of curiousity:
    yak? alcoholic beverage?

  2. Sorry Gio, that's English slang for a conversation or a chat. Did have a few glasses of wine when I got home though!

    Tony :-)