Monday, March 7, 2011

Cape Broyle in winter - return leg

Underway again

On Saturday we put in at Cape Broyle and paddled along the north side of the harbour to Brigus south where we stopped for lunch. After lunch we decided to go back to Cape Broyle via the south side requiring a crossing of a tad over 3 kms.

We started as a group but at one point a rabbit took off and I took the bait and gave pursuit. The crossing was was a quick one as we arrived at Church cove in no time flat.

Cathedral Cave

Just east of Church Cove is a huge cave called "Cathedral Cave". The kayakers in the mouth of the cave give a perspective of how the cave got its name. Luckily none of the large hanging icicles came down while we were in the cave.

More ice

The key attraction for the day was all the water that had turned to ice on the cliff walls. The contrast of white ice on the black coloured slates of the St. John's formation was striking.


This is a cooling shower in the summer but in March, with the water running over the icicles, well, lets just say it was refreshing. After Gerard was done I moved in for a turn.

Still some ice

In the shadows there was still a bit of light ice on the surface on our run in to the slipway where we had put in earlier in the morning.

The mileage on the day was almost 25 kms and Dean's GPS gave us a moving average of 5 kms/hr. Surprising given we took our time. Coffee at the restaurant and rehashing the days paddle was a great way to end the day.


  1. beautiful man! That cave is sweet! Looks like Ill be down to buy my house 1st of may then living there july 21st. I can't wait to get out there exploring!

  2. by looking at Cathedral Cave picture it comes in mind William Ernest Henley's words of his invictus:

    "It matters not how strait the gate, how charged with punishments the scroll. I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul"


  3. Lee, there's a hole at the end of the cave that can be gotten through at high tide. This cave is spooky because of the sound rebounding so of course you need to get in there and shout for effect!

    Thanks for the link Gio, I try to control as much of my fate as I can, when my wife lets me *lol*

    Tony :-)