Monday, August 31, 2015

The sun sets on a short padde

Dean send an invitation for a one night kayak camp trip.  We're going next week for a seven day, six night trip so I passed.  I had to pay for a week off with some chores at home.

The evening was so nice that I decided on an impromptu paddle down the well worn path to Topsail Beach.  The brilliant sunlight caught on the weathered rocks of the Topsail Fault.

I like paddling by myself at times but those trips don't yield many interesting pictures.  A kayak blog should have shots of kayakers in them but going solo makes that impossible.

I stopped at Topsail Beach for a short stretch with the sunlight glistening on the wet rounded beach cobbles.

Heading back I kept an eye on the setting sun which slowly sank into ...

... the low faraway clouds.

I get a real feel for the speed of the Earth's rotation watching the sun set.

While the sun had set in the west, its rays added a tinge of red to clouds hanging in the north.

As I paddled north I saw another kayaker coming south towards me.  It resulted in a bit of an adventure but more on that later.

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