Thursday, August 20, 2015

Scenic entry into Salmon Cove

We had a short, wet 2.5 crossing to Freshwater from Carbonear Island in waves created by the 15 knot winds and long fetch.  Back near the coast in Clown Cove it was sheltered except if you ...

... paddled further offshore as Gary did for a while.

As we made progress up the coast towards Salmon Cove it got more scenic with seastacks and rugged cliffs.

Alvin under clear blue skies.

Around the corner this little cove was bathed in brilliant sunlight.

What can I say?  Just spectacular scenery leading into Salmon Cove.  Too bad the whole coastline doesn't look like this!

Brian and Sue emerge in their double kayak.

Arriving in Salmon Cove.  Salmon Cove has a beautiful sandy beach that we could see was almost standing room only as we neared the end of our paddle.  We paddled up the fresh water river that flows out of the lagoon behind the beach being careful to avoid bathers.

It was a day of a bit of everything, calm protected waters, waves over the deck, open windy crossings, islands and scenic shoreline.  It was my first time paddling this stretch.  Its takes a 50 minute drive and a car shuttle but was so worth it.

Here are the breadcrumbs:

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