Friday, August 28, 2015

Ending the fast

I did not paddle last weekend nor the Wednesday evening before that.  It almost felt like I was fasting.  There was no specific reason except that maybe I needed a rest from kayaking.  Wednesday evening though I was glad to get back on the water.  The weather was temperate and calm.  There were ten of us.

Wednesdays we like to meet and practice rescues etc but we've been cursed with calm weather most of the summer so far.  Some may question the use of the word cursed as calm weather may be prime paddling conditions.  So, in the calm seas we paddled down the shore to Topsail Beach.

Sean was also among the group for the first time I can remember.  Notice the sweet lines of his Black Pearl.

Single file please!

Almost down to Topsail Beach half of the group decided to turn back.  The evenings are getting shorter now but five of us figured we had time to get back before dark.  Besides, we'd have a ...

... beautiful sunset to glance at as we headed back.  The sunset was captivating as it ...

... settled further into the sea the further we paddled until it was only a ...

... small red ball.

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