Sunday, August 16, 2015

Bonavista Bay - In and around the isands (2)

We continued exploring along the shore of Willis Island after eating lunch and then crossed over to Bessy Island where we paddled between it and Fuzz Island and back to Flat Island where we ...

... poked into every crevice and ...

... nook, however dark it was out of the sun's reach.

Eventually Piffin Island came into view.  We decided to paddle outside of it to see if there were puffins on it  Maybe at another time of year but not on the day.

 Some of us could not resist the temptation of challenging the surf at the north end of Fat Island.  Hazen's photo.

 Almost back at camp we paddle through this protected channel.

 As the evening progressed the water dropped and at low tide the rocks emerged in this channel that hours earlier I managed to get through but did have to knuckle walk the kayak in a few places.

Wood was scarce but we did manage to gather enough to have a fire which became ...

... the center of attention as darkness began to settle over ...

.. our second night on Flat Islands.

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