Thursday, July 23, 2015

On the way to an unenviable record

We are on the way to an unenviable record in the St. John's region.  Its been a cold month so far with no summer in sight.  It doesn't look good going forward into the end of the month either.  It means we'll likely log the coldest July on record.

The year of no summer yet is all due to a blocking high pressure system over Greenland that keeps low pressure systems over our heads.  The normal average July temperature is in the 20C range but we're headed for a 16C average.  The upside is its comfortable paddling weather.

So, regardless of the fog and mist seven of us met Wednesday evening for a short paddle while the thermometer registered 12C.

The #1 topic of conversation currently is the weather.  One 20C degree day in the whole month up to the 22nd.  Some people were interviewed on the local news to give a one word description of the weather.  Most responses ranged from terrible to crappy.  Had I been interviewed I'd have said "awesome".  That would have gotten a few questioning looks I'm sure.

That's about all one can say because until someone can do something about the weather we may as well ...

... accept it and make the best of it.  Which of course the seven of us did.

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