Sunday, July 5, 2015

Making new padde friends

The regulars that I paddle with most went to central Newfoundland to paddle down the Gander River.  They were Brian, Clyde, Dean, Hazen, Neville and Terry.  Hazen mailed me a picture taken as they were ready to shove off.

So, I had to make other plans.  Wednesday evening Julie had asked to let her know if there was a sensible paddle on the weekend.  So I did and we agreed on a plan.  It was going to be a relaxing paddle so I thought why not post details on the Paddle NewsGroup.  That netted a group of ...

... six, Derek, Julie, Sam, Shane, Tina and myself.  I've paddled more often with Julie but, while I knew the others, I've only paddled a couple of times with them.  So, in a sense I was making new friends.

There was no wind and seas were calm.  I needed a low intensity paddle as my batteries have been feeling a little run down but needed to get on the water.  Here are some pics of today's crew:




Shane (in the blue boat)


Derek again, just because I like the picture

We usually mail around a set group of people when organizing weekend paddles.  Thereby, in many ways our regular group has gotten a bit clickish mainly because we've paddled a lot together,  developed our skills beyond beginner and feel we can rely on each other if the crap hits the fan.  That though is no reason why we should not invite newer kayakers who want to get out when conditions are appropriate.

We should do that more frequently if for no other reason than to provide networking opportunities for individuals of similar skills to form their own groups and progress as we have done.

I was glad I made a public posting for I really enjoyed today's paddle that came out of it.

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