Thursday, March 20, 2014

Paddling through the spring equinox

It was to beautiful of a day today not to paddle so Hazen and I put-in at St. Philips.  We put-in almost 1:30 pm.  It was still winter with a temperature of -2C and -7 with the wind chill.  There wasn't much wind but it was out of the NW.

Forty minutes later we were across the Tickle and arrived at Bell Island.  Where we had left in winter, we were now in spring.  Spring had officially began at 2:27 pm.

The plan was initially to paddle to Topsail Beach and be on the water when spring came in but with the gentle breeze we opted for Bell Island.  Spring had set in but tell that to the weather  At "The Beach" ice still clung to the cliffs but the sun was gaining strength and as it did it we heard bits of ice and rocks fall off.

Massive walls of ice were draped over the 200 foot cliffs but ...

... some had already cascaded into the sea as mini bergs.

Near the north end of Bell Island we left the towering cliffs behind to ...

... cross back over but this time to Portugal Cove.  In the distance just over Hazen's bow we could see Brocks Pond Falls were still frozen.

On our crossing to Portugal Cove the gentle breeze we faced earlier had completely dropped out.  To starboard the sun shone strongly in the sky which really warmed us up after paddling in the shade of the cliffs.

Forty minutes later we were back across the Tickle just before the ferry from bell Island came in.

Paddling southwards back to St Philips the bright sunshine from the southwest really brightened the icicles.  Hazen and I took our time finishing our paddle under the most pleasant of conditions.

Today was my last paddle for the winter and, coincidentally, my first spring paddle.  That was what appealed to me today - a paddle through the spring equinox.


  1. You retired buggers!!! Makes me want to just quit my job...

  2. That looked like a nice trip, well written. I just want to go paddeling, end I will ;ø)

  3. It was a bonus paddle Rolf for sure and a large day.

    Tony :-)