Saturday, March 22, 2014

A change of plan paddle

The wind forecast yesterday, Friday, for today, Saturday was 15 - 20 knots so I suggested a bounce in the waves and some surf rides.

Dean, being the only friend to respond positively, and I met at 12:00 which would have allowed sufficient time for the seas to fully develop.  When we got there the wind was nowhere near forecast so we decided to paddle south and if the wind did pick up we could easily turn and paddle back in the following sea.

I was back in the kayak fresh on the heels of my winter come spring paddle on Thursday.  The temperature was just above 0C but still not warm enough to met the snow and ice that still decorates the rocky cliffs.

Though there wasn't much wind there was some nice action along the shore.

Clyde had said he was passing on today's paddle but Dean and I were pleasantly surprised on our return to see him paddling towards us.  No sooner had Clyde joined us when the wind picked up and sea built almost instantaneously.

Unfortunately, none of the shots I took do justice to the changed conditions.  There were times I was looking down on top of Clyde's helmet.  No exaggeration.

Paddle finished we washed the salt out of our gear in the cool, fresh water of the river.

What started out as a bounce ended up in a most entertaining paddle.  Only 13.6 kms but in this case it was quality over quantity and the third paddle in eight days.


  1. Too bad I could not make it out (again). I bought one of these helmet mounts for my camera for less than 5$ (glues or straps on, depending on helmet): Can't wait to try it!

  2. There'll be lots of chances yet coming up Tobias. Maybe next time.

    Tony :-)