Sunday, January 26, 2014

Wind and weather forecasts

Accurate and reliable wind and weather forecasts are most important when we decide to paddle and where to paddle.  I have found SmartBay to be the most reliable, at least the most reliable to verify the forecasts of other sources.

The URL for the SmartBay website has recently changed as have the links to the wind and precipitation forecasts because they have expanded their forecasts to beyond Newfoundland to the Atlantic region.  I couldn't see the path to the wind forecast so I mailed them and it turns out the information is still there.

My favourites link still takes me to the site but here's the new link if not bookmarked.  Click on "Weather & Tides", then on the tab "Regional Forecasts" and then either "Surface Winds" or "Pressure and Precipitation".

The screen shot above is the wind forecast for 2:30 pm today.  Needless to say I'm sitting home with the 30 - 40 knot winds in the forecast.

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