Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Restoring confidence

A year and a half ago I developed a shoulder impingement where I couldn't raise my right arm even level with shoulder height.  As a result, I didn't practice rolls for a long time and only sporadically last year.

Confidence in my roll evaporated.  A couple of times recently I was where I should not have been and got knocked over.  The first time I set up to roll twice to poor effect.  The last time I was in the above channel with volumes of water running in from three directions.  Again I got knocked over and that time I didn't even try to roll.  I felt embarrassed and disappointed in myself.

So, it was back to the pool to reconstruct my roll.  The first night the roll came back.  The mechanics were still there.  In the two pool nights since my confidence has been restored.  At least, in the warm confines of the pool.

The next step is in the near 0C water.  Then its not a matter of mechanics but rather mind control of both the cold conditions and the moving water.

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