Friday, January 3, 2014

The numbers are in for 2013

Ive checked the captains log for seakayak "Stardust" for the 2013 calendar year.  I missed 100 times in the kayak by a whisker - 97.  Its only a number and I would have gotten there except the weather over Christmas just didn't cooperate.

Of the 97 times in my kayak, 66 were day paddles.  Twelve of the 66 were day paddles I did on three multi-day kayak camping trips.

Out of those 66 day paddles, 31 were paddles out of St. Philips towards either Topsail Beach or Portugal Cove.  They are short paddles of between 11 and 14 kms that I've done due to weather or other various reasons.  But, they are days I've paddled when I may not have otherwise.

Twenty-six times in my kayak were Thursday evening practice/socials at St. Philips.  It seemed Thursday evenings between April and October were calm more often than not this year so self and assisted rescues etc weren't practiced a lot.  Hopefully, we'll get more inclement weather on Tursday evenings this coming year.

I missed paddling on only 2 weekends during the winter months having paddled 13 times during the "off season".  Most of those trips were with, what seems to have been, my constant paddling companion Dean.

It was a great year all around.  The total mileage from all the day paddles topped out at 1,170 kms.  I don't know what the goals will be for 2014 but I will be setting targets.  One of those is to practice rolls in the most challenging of conditions.

Wishing everyone a Happy New paddling Year and stay safe.


  1. Great photos and good milage. I`ve got 1737 km in 117 trips with my kayak. Longest daytrip was 73,2 km in a competition i Malmo Sweden (M24) It is a 24 hour race.
    Great blog blog by the way.

  2. Those are some big numbers Rolf. Good for you. The longest paddle I've done is 50 kms; 73.2 is well above that. Awesome!

    Tony -)

    1. Thank you Tony, but I must say that in 2012 in the same M24 I did 120,93 km.....My goal this year in the same M24 is 180 km (puh) ;ø)

    2. That is a big target to shoot for, good luck!