Monday, January 13, 2014

The big melt

Winter came early in December.  It snowed, a lot.  It was cold.  It was windy.

It continued to be windy.  Too windy to paddle the last three weeks.  The last time I was in my kayak was Christmas Eve, almost three weeks ago.

The forecast for the weekend suggested the winds would not cooperate again.  But, we had almost 1.5 meters of snow on the ground.  The cross country skiing would offer to be the outdoor activity on the weekend.  It was fantastic: my wax was spot on, the day was bright and pleasant, I had the company of four of my otherwise kayaking friends.  That was Saturday.

Sunday was mild, wet and windy.  The temperature reached 10C, we had 20 mm of rain and the winds blew near 90 kms.

We had endured a string of snowy winter storms without being able to paddle but it did build up a good base for skiing.  Now that's gone.  So, I'm back to looking at the long range forecast and hoping to finally get back on the water.  Mercifully tomorrow the pool sessions begin again.  At least conditions will be predictable.

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