Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Making port in Port Royal

Hazen with Merasheen and Red Islands in the distance

We stopped for lunch south of Spencers Cove in full sunshine and no wind what-so-ever. The sunshine didn't persist though as cloud rolled in. It was still pleasant, just not as bright. Invigorated with a good feed we got back in our boats and continued south.

Clyde and Dean hugging the shore

The waters stayed dead calm as we made our way south from Spencers Cove.

Suitable campsite

The topo map and satellite shot suggested this was a good spot to camp and it was. As we entered Hennesy Cove we were surprised to see five caribou in the cove but they wandered off as we neared the beach. This could have been a good campsite for the night but it was early and after some discussion we agreed to carry on another 10 km to Port Royal to camp for the night.

Jellyfish season

In addition to the eagles and caribou we saw, there's also lots of life beneath the surface. I don't know it its jellyfish season or not but there were lots of jellyfish everywhere.

Destination in sight

Paddling further down the coast we spotted Green Island and knew our destination was close.

Dean entering Kingwell

Kingwell is a resettled community some 15 kms from Spencers Cove. It sits in an indentation the shape of a bowl and protected by two islands. As we entered we caught sight of a woman with camera in hand so we went to have a chat. She was amazed that we had come in these small craft all the way from Arnolds Cove.


The harbour at Kingwell opened up into a round protected waterway with some cabins sprinkled along the shore.

Don Slade, storekeeper at one time in North Harbour, resettled from Kingwell. I knew Don well as my daughters spent part of summers in North Harbour and were treated often to goodies from his store.

Port Royal

Paddling down from Kingwell we began looking for a place to set up camp for the night. We prospected this level site but opted to get back in our boats and paddle to the long beach to the right of all the cabins and hopefully out of their sight.

Beachfront property

A narrow flat area above the high tide mark made a perfect place to pitch our tents.

Fire on the beach

After setting up the tents and cooking supper we collected a pile of driftwood scattered along the beach and started a fire. We talked about the day's paddle and plans for the next day all the while warmed by the glow of the fire and refreshments.

Slowly the the pile of wood was consumed and we crawled into our sleeping bags in anticipation of the next days paddle to Harbour Buffett and beyond.


  1. I was pretty surprised when I read there were jellyfish there. Now I've the confirmation ;-)

  2. That sounds like a really nice trip! Too bad I missed it...

  3. Tuscany was nice too though :)

  4. Gio, there were jellyfish all over the place. I would have liked to get more pictures but the rest of the guys would have been over the hills and very far away *lol* I may spend some time out by myself to get more pictures of underwater life.

    Great trip Tobias. Agreed Tuscany is good too but football season is over!

    Tony :-)