Sunday, June 19, 2011

Around Great Colinet Island

The Breadcrumbs

Saturday Clyde,Dean, Hazen and I were in St. Mary's Bay to do a circumnavigation of Great Colinet Island. The island is only a short 1.5 km crossing from the community of Admirals Beach. We saw an eagle, seagulls and lots of seals as we paddled along a beautiful coastline. In addition, we walked around the site of the former communities of Mosquito and Regina.

On our way

Dean leads the way across the short channel to Great Colinet Island from Admirals Beach. Little Colinet Island to starboard and the other side of St. Mary's Bay in the distance.

Aiming pont

We touched our bows on a beach after crossing and started down the east shore. The bottom of the island lay in the distance.

Clear waters

Rocks on the sea bottom, kayakers along the shore, sunbathed hills reflected on the water.

Arriving at Mosquito

Paddling down the east side of the island we arrived at our first stop, the resettled community of Mosquito. Mosquito was one of two inhabited communities on the island. They were both resettled in the early '60s.


Looking down over the former community from the graveyard. The dearly departed had a good view but there's not much left now. More pictures of Mosquito to come!

Checkin' it out

The highly fractured and jointed rocks allowed the sea to wear small caves into the cliffs. It all stayed securely in place as Dean backed in to check it out.


Hazen enjoying the day.

There were caves

Life in live 3D! Greenish waters. steel grey rocks, brilliant sunshine ... does it get get any better?

... and more caves

Turning at the bottom of the island we entered a small un-named cove with a few caves etched into the cliffs.

Monster Cave

Inside of the beast I'll dub "Monster Cave".

Up the other side

After stopping at Wild Cove for lunch we rounded South Point and paddled up the west side of the island. Where on the east side it was flat calm we had a quartering sea on our port stern on the west side. Hazen's skeg was stuck so we all paddled the 5 kms without our skegs in solidarity.

Emerald Isle?

The west side of the island was predominated by greenery so much that it reminded me of pictures of Ireland where so many Newfoundlanders hailed from. The camera really didn't do justice to the shades of green.

Massive cliffs

Dean makes his way underneath massive cliffs with green vegetation hanging on for dear life.


After paddling up the west side of Great Colinet Island and rounding Dalton Point we were in the shelter of Regina Cove, the site of the resettled community Regina (locally pronounced Reg-eena). We stopped on the beach before crossing back to Admirals Beach. I went for a stroll to see what was left of the former community. There wasn't much but I'll post those shots later.

We crossed the 1.5 channel back to Admirals Beach completing our circumnavigation of the island for a total of 25 kms. An interesting paddle into history with our feet in today.

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