Friday, June 3, 2011

Back on the rails

Beginning to flower

Well, I have everything pretty much back on the rails. The "kayakmobile" has been repaired without too much ado. My mechanic wasn't too happy doing the job because he thinks I should scrap the car. At 280,000 kms I think there's still a little life left in it. Then again, they shoot horses, don't they?

Software all loaded again but not without some grief. I couldn't get the disc for one app to install so I got it copied to a memory stick and installed it from there. It tried to confound me for a while but I feel like I won.

And, best of all, had another very useful practice at St. Philips last evening. Blowing a bit so turning up wind was on the practice roster. Afterwards, washing up in the fresh water of the river, I noticed this native tree (species ???) breaking into flower. I felt the same.


  1. So im guessing parking at the wharf is still free?

  2. I put in at the river Lee but could have used the slipway. There was no one around to police the area. Arnold (he's the employee of the authority who collects the fees) has started a petition in the town to allow us to use the slipway for our practices Thursday as part of the town's recreation program.

    Tony :-)