Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Top 10 paddles of 2017 - #7

A post to the Facebook account of Kayak Newfoundland and Labrador the week leading up to the weekend of October 28th by a couple of ladies led to a paddle in Cape Broyle.  They were visiting Newfoundland and wanted to do a paddle over the weekend.

We got a crew together and some gear and went to Cape Broyle.

Cape Broyle is  super paddle destination with many attractions  The first is falls of Horsechops River where it meets the sea.

The usual agenda then is to cross at The Narrows to the south side where there are more waterfalls and caves to explore.   However, most of the caves were not accessible due to a very active sea.

The further east we paddled the swell built and crashed against the shore.

The usual turn around point on club paddles is Lance Cove after a lunch stop.  We stopped for lunch; Brian got a fire going in his wood stove and boiled water for tea.

After the stop at Lance Cove we continued east to check out Cathedral Cave, a vast open cave that follows the strike of the sedimentary beds.  I went in, turned to look out at the gang which appeared and disappeared in the swell.  As no one else ventured in I emerged an we ...

... turned our bows west to return to the take-out.

Our visitors had a great day on the water notwithstanding the fact we didn't get into the caves.  We capped the day with a coffee or tea and a bite to eat.

It was a pleasure to paddle with them and make two new friends.  That makes it my number 7 top paddle of the year.  Here's a link to the original post
 with more pix from the day.

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