Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Top 10 paddles of 2017 - #6

My friend Neville and his wife opened a bed and breakfast this year in Hatchet Cove.  Neville also does kayak tours and often gets questions about some of the rocks during the tour.  Not knowing much about geology he asked me to do a paddle with him and answer some of the questions he frequently gets.

On October 26th I drove out in fog but I was happy to find it lifting in Hatchet Cove.

There wasn't a ripple on the water as we set out.

The hills were ablaze with fall colours that were replicated in the reflections on the still water.

As we went along I explained about the three basic rock types and identified igneous and sedimentary where they outcropped along the shore.  Here massive forces are on display as rocks were over thrust by faulting.  The rocks over thrust were subsequently eroded away.

We went as far as St. Jones Within where we turned around to return so I could avoid driving home in the dark.  At times it was almost difficult to see which side was up as the details on the hills were perfectly reflected in the water.

Back at Hatchet Cove and the end of a relaxing paddle.

The scenery of the fall colours, the crystal clear reflections in the water, the interesting geology and knowing I helped Neville out puts this paddle in one of the top ten for the year.

Here's a link to the original post with more pix.

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