Saturday, December 16, 2017

The calm before the storm

December 16th and no snow on the ground but that was going to change later in the day.  The forecast varied between 25 - 40 cms of snow beginning around noon.  There was no wind early so there was a 3 hour window of opportunity to get out for a paddle.  Brian, Cathy, Gary and Shane were game.

Brian catching a ride through the rocks but it was really benign otherwise.

It wasn't going to be a long paddle and it didn't make a difference to us.  The attraction for the day was the narrow window of opportunity to get out.

Probably my favourite place to paddle through which today was easy.

We paddled as far as Portugal Cove where we turned around to return paddling through passages where we could in the falling tide.

At Beachy Cove we stopped to float for a while.  Here in the cove the tortured rocks of the Topsail Fault are contorted and mangled as rocks on both sides of the fault were heated to the point of taffy.

The snow held off so we stopped at the restaurant for covfefe *lol* and a chat.  As the snow began to fall I departed and headed for home to get out of the weather which ...

... didn't take long to turn into a bit of a mess.  I hunkered down happy to have gotten out for even a short paddle.  Sometimes its taking what you can get!


  1. I was so happy to sneak that paddle in with all of you today. Thanks so much for always capturing the memories Tony!! Lovely watchinv the storm after getting the paddle in๐Ÿ˜„❄❄❄❄❄

    1. I'm posting so I'll have something to remember when I'm sitting in my rocking chair of questionable mind *lol*.

      Winds blowing the snow around now at 90 kms/hr. Yikes!