Monday, January 2, 2017

Taking stock of 2016

January 1st and the year got off to a good start.  Hopefully a good omen for 2017.

2016 was a less productive year than most and the least productive since 2012 when my paddling was curtailed by a rotator cuff injury and only made 636 kms.  2016 was a year plagued *lol* with home projects and I made just 829 total kilometers for the year.

I did 23 convenience paddles out of St. Philips and made 21 evening practices there on Wednesday evenings.  Not exciting but time spent on the water in any event.

Every year since 2009 I have done a decent kayak camp trip, some up to a week long.  A long trip did not happen in 2016 which was very disappointing for me.  I did manage 4 one night trips, 2 of which were solo.  The other saving grace trip wise was our camp trip to Kellys Island.  We've talked about doing that for years and nothing came of it until this past year.  Sometimes it takes a little effort to bring things to fruition, or the right catalyst.

I'm determined to get an extended trip again this year and I intend to build on my solo trips and do a longer, two or three night, solo trip.

So then there are a few more New Year resolutions.

We have been to most destinations on the Avalon Peninsula that are a respectable driving distance from home.  There are a few though that I have in mind that are  stretch to do in one day so maybe they will turn out to be one night camp trips.

We tend to descend on St. Philips for a bounce or surfing when the conditions don't allow a day paddle.  I'd like to spread our wings a bit more.  One possible play spot is the rock at the entrance to Bauline East.

We've gotten somewhat complacent at Wednesday evening practices, often going for paddles rather than practice rescues and other skills.  We've talked about identifying a skill for each evening to practice to make them more structured.

So, another year lays ahead full of promise, hopefully not only for kayaking but for every facet of life.  And that goes for everyone reading.

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  1. Looking fwd to a great year! 2016 was awesome and a launch pad for more awesome in 2017! Thanks for all the times and teas! :)