Friday, January 13, 2017

Bay Bulls - Up the north side

Every Monday I start to look at the long range forecast for the next weekend whether it will cooperate for a paddle.  Thursday caught my eye with light southerly winds so I mailed some of the guys who can paddle mid-week.  Gerard, Hazen and Pete were in so we met at Bay Bulls to put in.

After some discussion we decided on a paddle up the north side, a crossing to the south side and return down the south side.

Inside the harbour it was dead calm but as we made our way along the shore we felt a bit more action.

Gerard making his way along side the gently dipping rocks on the west limb of a gigantic syncline.

The previous two days were bitterly cold freezing masses of ice on cliff faces.  It was considerably warmer for us as the temperature hovered near 0 C.

Paddling into Useless Bay the southeast swell washed up on the sloping rocks.

Gerard goes to check out a passage hammered out by the sea.  I ...

... followed knowing there was room for both of us.

Near North Head we stopped briefly in this small cove protected from the swell.  Pete started to feel the effects of the cold and decided he had to head back.  I thought we should also retreat but he assured us he would be fine.  Inwardly I was concerned he would lose dexterity in his hands but he insisted we carry on so with some reluctance Gerard, Hazen and I ...

... paddled on to North Head and out into the open ocean and bobbed around before ...

... setting out across the harbour entrance towards the south side.


  1. Awesome way to spend your Thursday! :) Lots of memories in those pix of past paddles! :)

    1. Thanks Cathy! If its any consolation I did think about ya!!!