Tuesday, January 17, 2017

South Coast 2010: The Summary

In a bit of housekeeping, here's a summary of a trip along the South Coast from Harbour Le Cou to Burgeo that Ralph, Stan and I completed in June/July 2010.

The plan was to take the coastal ferry from Burgeo to Rose Blanche and take four days to paddle back, all around the resettlement of the community of Grand Bruit.  We arrived in Burgeo two days before the ferry departure date.

I should point out the ferry does not take this run anymore so a long car shuttle or other arrangements have to be made to cover this coastline.

June 26th: Driving from St. John's to Burgeo.  Link

June 27th: Day paddle from Burgeo to Red Island.  Link

June 28th: Day paddle out of Burgeo around the Burgeo islands.  Link

June 29 & 30th: Taking the ferry to Grand Bruit, overnight in Grand Bruit and deposited in Harbour Le Cou.  Link

July 1st: Paddle from Harbour Le Cou to LaPlante Harbour.  Link

July 2nd: Paddle from LaPlante Harbour to Grand Bruit.  Link
                 Walk about in Grand Bruit.  Link

July 3rd: Paddle from Grand Bruit to Wreck Island.  Link

July 4th: Return to Burgeo.  Link

July 5th: Drive home.  No pix!


  1. Very interesting and an amazing fact to witness a funeral of a small village as late as 2010!
    Thank you for sharing!

  2. This trip was a while ago. Our club asked me to make some of my trip reports available through the website so I'm summarizing making to make one link access to the whole trip.