Friday, December 23, 2016

Top 10 paddles of 2016 - #9

Nine days left in the year and today its my 9th favourite paddle of 2016 from Colliers to Cupids on April 17th.  This is a shorter version of the original posts with a few shots not previously pulished.

We met in Colliers and did a car shuttle up to Cupids before we put in at almost 11:00.  Colliers can be a long carry to the water when its low tide because its very shallow near the beach.

The paddle north of Colliers along the cliffs doesn't offer a lot of scenic shore until Turks Gut at Marysvale were we had lunch an hour and a half later.  It was lunch time and there would no opportunities to eat before Brigus, almost two hours away.

North of Marysvale the shoreline gets more attractive, here a sea arch.

Here we paddle around a sea stack that I call "The Teepee".

Near Brigus we entered a cove where the rocks changed character and colour.  Up to that point we paddled along the dark Harbour Main volcanic rocks so the change to pale red and grey sedimentary rocks is dramatic.

We entered Brigus Harbour.  Brigus was the home of Captain Bob Bartlett who commanded the ship that brought Perry within striking distance of the North Pole.  Bartlett was reportedly bitterly disappointed he wouldn't be in the party to try for the pole.

Just inside the entrance to Brigus harbour we stopped to stretch our legs as it was still another two hours to Cupids.  Not that we needed it but it was early so why not?  And, it was a beautiful day.

We paddled down the harbour int the community to have a look at where Captain Bob was born and grew up.  We basically just skimmed through before ...

... crossing to North Point being pushed by small wind waves enroute to our final destination of Cupids.

The shoreline did not lose its appeal and just before we turned west into Cupids we had ...

... this jewel.  Its not quite a dungeon as the east entrance is open and paddling around to the west the arch is still intact.

Exiting we turned into Cupids and the paddle became a bit of a slog.  The wind that blew us out of Brigus now had to be paddled into to reach that cars we had left.

Cupids is historically significant as it is the oldest settlement in Canada and second in North America only to Jamestown in the USA.  So we had that significant fact in mind and some spectacular scenery to enjoy to make the paddle number nine on my list.

I originally posted three lots of pictures and more detail and that can be checked out as Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.

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  1. This was a spectacular paddle for me Tony! So many surprises for the eyes!! The cliffs, the channels, the keyholes..... what a super adventure day this was!!! :)