Thursday, December 29, 2016

Top 10 paddles of 2016 - #3

The weekend of October 1/2 was looking good and I was ready to escape.  I thought back to a paddle we did out of Chance Cove back on May 15th when we stopped on a beach for lunch that looked a very good camp location.  It was close to a couple of points of interest, namely a Paleoeskimo site and the Bull Arm construction site.

The proposed trip was well received by the group so one Saturday Cathy, Dean, Derek, Gary, Hazen, Shane and I ...

... drove to Chance Cove and headed towards Masters Head to set up camp just inside the head.

There was hardly a cloud in the sky as we paddled along the shore punctuated by sea stacks but ...

... clouds did creep in though the day remained bright.

The plan was to setup the tents once we arrived at the campsite and then carry on around the head and into Bull Arm to visit the Paleoeskimo site at Stock Cove and the construction site in Mosquito Cove.  Some of the group decided to relax in camp while Cathy, Hazen and I went on with the original plan.

I landed in Stock Cove and waked around the thousands of years old occupation site though there wasn't much to see due to current overgrowth until I came upon ...

... this excavation by archaeologists studying the location.  It was a weird feeling walking around a site that was inhabited almost 4000 years ago.  I took this picture three months ago and it seems like yesterday.  It puts 4000 years into perspective.

Mosquito Cove was further down the Arm.  The wind picked up as the afternoon progressed but we were determined to see the construction site for the Hebron oil field production Gravity Based Structure.

The wind was really blowing out of the cove as I made my way across to get closer too the GBS.  The topsides module had recently arrived from Korea sitting on solid land waiting to be matched with ...

... the concrete GBS floating in deep water; deep water because only the top few meters of the 120 were showing above the water line.  So, mission accomplished and Cathy, Hazen and I rode the small wind waves back to the campsite averaging 9 kms/hr.

The next morning dawned another beautiful day to slowly ...

... make our way back to the cars ...

... again paddling by the sea stacks leading into Chance Cove.

Chance Cove by itself is a beautiful paddle but with the attractions in Bull Arms are thrown it was my third most favourite paddle of the year.

Check out more pix and detail in original post out of Chance Cove, the Paleoeskimo site at Stock Cove, the GBS construction site and the return.


  1. Awesome excursion! Awesome choice!!

  2. Made awesome by your's and Hazen's company on the paddle in Bull Arm while the slackers *lol* stayed in camp.