Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Top 10 paddles of 2016 - #4

Early June the word was there was an iceberg in Bay Bulls.  Well, that was reason enough to go there for a paddle to check it out.

We arrived at Bay Bulls and sure enough the berg was still there.  But, the semi-submersible drill rig West Hercules was also in Bay Bulls so we paddled out along the north side of Bay Bulls and past the iceberg, for now, to check out the rig.  We had it in our sights and ...

... were soon paddling close by the behemoth.

I was soon done with that bit of sightseeing and went to check out some sweet passages that on this calm day were accessible.

A paddle in Bay Bulls nets about 15 kms paddling staying in the harbour.  I proposed a visit to Freshwater Cove just north of harbour.  Its exposed and sure enough it showed its rough side until we got into the more sheltered cove.

On the way back out of Freshwater Cove we spotted an iceberg on the south side of Bay Bulls so we crossed the harbour mouth and arrived at Baboul Rocks where a small iceberg was heaving up and down in the swell.  It was a tease for the larger berg we came to see.

Making our way back into the harbour we came across another berg referred to as a growler, so named for the sound they make grinding up against each other.

Then the main event, the ber in the middle of the harbour.  There were so few icebergs around this year that each one had to be savoured.

We paddled around it and off in the distance was the West Hercules.  The only thing left to do was grab a chunk of the iceberg and bring it ...

... home to have a swally with some of Fidel's finest!

It was a super day the main features being the drill rig, an entertaining paddle in rough water and the icebergs.  Any paddle around icebergs is always going to be on my list of favourite paddles because we don't always get the chance though we live beside "iceberg ally".

The original post for the first part of the paddle to West Hercules is here and the icebergs is here.


  1. What a ton of cool experiences this paddle was! So memorable! Awesome choice Tony!:)

    1. Always fun to look back at these memories from the year. Cool too with the icebergs, literally and figuratively.