Friday, January 1, 2016

On the 8th day of Christmas ...

On the 8th day of Christmas ... I posted pictures of our Christmas Eve social.  Since 2009 some of us have been meeting at St. Philips for a social to have a paddle or just hang out in our kayaks.  This time we had nine: Brian, Cathy, Dave, Derek, Derrick, Gary, Neville, Sue and myself.

We started out catching some small surf rides in the channel leading into the boat basin.  A bit of swell compressed as it entered the channel making it possible to catch a few rides.

Its a relaxed thing before the festivities of the Christmas season begins.

Rudolph was out too!

After hanging out a while we decided to head out for a short, easy-going paddle.

Cathy and Sue were in the Christmas spirit with their Santa caps on.

Derrick and Brian

After four kilometers we decided to return to the cove.  All told we spent two hours so at 3:00 some went on to do family Christmas Eve stuff and some of us took Brian and Sue up on their offer of coffee at their home close by.

It would be the last time I was in my kayak for 2015, a nice way to end the paddle year.

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