Saturday, January 2, 2016

Getting started on 2016

Today, January 2nd, I got started on the 2016 paddle year.  I joined Brian, Cathy, Dean Derek, Derrick, Gary, Shane and Terry in familiar territory.  We met at St. Philips where snow covered the parking lot and slipway.  That made it convenient getting the kayak to the water by puling it along on the snow and a seal launch.

When I downloaded the pictures from today I was struck by how dark they were.  The only colours were the kayaks and kayakers.  Otherwise, everything else was back or white.

We had 15 cms snow New Year's night and into the morning.  It lay on the rocks above the line where salt water was able to lick at it.

We took our time paddling along the shore.  It was great breathing in the fresh air and getting some exercise after the extravagances of the holiday season.

Waiting for the right moment for when a bit of water washes in to paddle through and over the rocks.

Snow and icicles.


Cathy, the rose amid the thorns.  Absolutely wonderful that she feels comfortable with the gang.

Terry checking out the possibility of squeezing between the cliff and a rock.

At Topsail Beach we got out for a stretch.  It was -4 when we put in.  It warmed up a little but still cool enough to put on coats over our paddle gear.  I picked up an extra large coat at a used clothing store for $5.00 expressly for these stop overs.  It doesn't matter if it gets wet and I stuff it in my day hatch without having to be concerned about getting it dirty.

Without saying a word we all knew it was time to get back again.  Enough time spent milling about but not too much to make us cold.

Back at St. Philips and up where the fresh water of  river runs in I washed the salt out of my gear before joining Cathy, Gary and Terry for hot drinks.

So just after counting down my top 10 paddles of 2015, I'm started on building memories for this year and grateful to have these friends to share them with.


  1. Excellent day Tony! Perfect way to start 2016

  2. And an excellent turnout too!

  3. You guys are an inspiration. Rightfully, I fell like a wuss!

  4. Its not being a wuss. It always looks colder out looking through the window but when you get out it doesn't feel so bad. Its the one time in the year when the water temp is warmer than the air!

  5. Thanks Tony! :) You guys are hardly thorns!... well maybe mean Dean... :)
    Its the best paddling with all of you!