Sunday, January 31, 2016

A prod and a paddle

Tuesday past I had a red letter day snowshoeing in deep powder and sunshine.  Later it rained and all the snow melted away.  We were supposed to get another dump on Friday into Saturday but it too turned to rain before we got much in accumulation.  I considered another trek on snowshoes but the cold weather turned the snow into an icy crust.

I took the position I'd wait to see what would develop kayak wise but I wouldn't initiate anything.  I was happy enough to take a pass.  It didn't come to that as Dean proded me into action.

I wondered about the sea state as the swell height was between 4 and 8 meters offshore.

I got my answer as we left St. Philips cove.  It wasn't near the height offshore but it was substantial, broad and open.  It was interesting seeing the swell come from NW and SW echoing like water sloshing around in a bathtub.  On top of that the clapotis added to the confusion.

This shot of Shane makes me look like the boy who cried wolf.

We paddled further offshore as getting caught inside of the break meant a world of hurt.

At one point Brian had a go at paddling inside of some rocks.  A larger set of waves arrived and he really got pushed around and I thought "holy s*it".  I didn't get a picture as I was distracted looking on with some concern.  The only thing that saved a nasty situation was him being one of the best paddlers in the province.

Relieved, we carried on along the shore to arrive at Harald Buetooth.  It was the only spot where I felt comfortable enough to paddle through.

The temperature was -8C and -14C with the wind chill.  The icy spray began to stick to me and my skirt.

After a stretch shortened by the temperature we headed back.

Thanks to Dean I had an enjoyable paddle on the last day of January.  Sometimes everyone needs a friend to give a prod.

Derek was with us also but he was evasive most of the morning paddling up front so I missed getting a shot of him.


  1. I am so poisoned I missed the email this morning! It looks wonderful as ever! So glad Brian wasn't tossed!!! Thanks for the posting Tony! Still so nice to see how it went! :)

  2. Yeah Tony, we all need a little prod now and then. After a 3 week hiatus for me it was good to get back in the kayak...

  3. Sorry you missed the paddle too Cathy. I was lucky myself to see the email in time.

    Thanks again Dean for taking the lead in organizing the paddle and motivating me.