Monday, December 28, 2015

Top 10 paddles of 2015 - #4

On the weekend of May 16 - 18 Brian, Dean, Terry and I did a kayak camp trip in Placentia Bay.  It was a trip I proposed and I was happy the guys were interested.  There were two attractions for me: Trinny Cove and the Iona Islands.  We put in in the community of Fairhaven and paddled south with the intention of camping close to Argentia.

It was an absolutely beautiful day as can be seen.  The Brine Islands hover on the horizon.

We passed across the entrance to Long Harbour and the Iona Islands to the west and found a fine campsite at Great Seal Cove where we camped the first night.

The next day we left our campsite and made a short NW 3 km crossing to the Iona Islands.

We got out to have a look at Merchant Island and paddled by Burke Island onto Harbour Island.

At Harbour Island we found a protected cove to stop for lunch.  One of the things that attracts me to these places are the abandoned communities.  Tombstones lay scattered around on the hill above where we sat to eat.  There was very little else to testify that people once lived here.

Continuing northerly from the Iona Islands we encountered again the Brine Islands, this time paddling through them on our way to ...

... Trinny Cove, another of Newfoundland's abandoned communities.  A number of years previous I took part in a beach clean-up and was struck by the huge amount of wood available for a campfire.  Unfortunately it was low tide and we couldn't get into the lagoon where all the wood was but had to settle for a campsite just west.  We made do with the wood that was around for our usual fire.

We awoke Monday morning to windy weather.  That's where the planning paid dividends.  At Trinny Cove we were only 6 kms from the cars so it wasn't a big deal.

Just before 10:00 am we were back on the slipway in Fairhaven and the end of our three day excursion.

We did the trip on the Victoria Day long weekend.  Its not unusual to have cold wet weather on that weekend.  This year it was everything we could hope for to make for a wonderful weekend.

This post is only a threadbare account of the trip.  A longer dissertation on the trip can be found by going to the archive for May.

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