Thursday, December 24, 2015

Top 10 paddles of 2015 - #8

On April 18th Clyde, Dean, Terry and I paddle from Middle Cove to Flatrock return.  It was a lumpy ride but no wind.  Leaving the beach we passed Motion on our way to Torbay.  Motion comes by its name honestly, its usually rough there.  We stayed off but not as much as the shot implies.

The swell smashes against the immovable cliffs.

While it was April 18th and spring, there was still snow on the ground as we entered the cove in Torbay.  Looking back it was a warning for the type of summer we would have.

Terry with his GoPro looked like one of the Teletubbies.

Paddling along the massive cliffs as we leave Torbay heading north to Flatrock.

Our small kayaks add scale.

In the distance is the vanishing point and "The Beemer" at the entrance to Flatrock.

At "The Beemer" the cliffs stop but give way to an underwater shelf.  With a bit of swell, and not much swell at that, the water gets really rough here.  Terry's head is barely visible a boat length or so ahead of Dean.

Inside "The Beemer".  Moments later we'd all be surprised by a set of steep waves that had us skurrying away as fast as we could paddle to escape.

We stopped for lunch on the slipway at Flatrock before making our way back to Middle Cove.

Middle Cove is my favourite place in the whole world.  So many happy memories.  The ashes of my Mother lie there between the grains of sand and cobbles.  That and my favourite paddling conditions (no wind but good sea conditions) make this one of my top ten paddles for the year.

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