Monday, December 14, 2015

The longest 14 kilometers

Eight of us put in at 9:30 with plans for a bounce as the winds were forecast to be W30 kms gusting to 48.  There was no wind to speak of so we went for a paddle.  But before doing so ...

... Cathy got her first roll in the cold salty water after trying two evenings in the warm waters of the pool.  Sorry, didn't get a picture of that but she also wanted to practice an assisted rescue which Neville helped her with.

While there was no wind there was enough action around the rocks to make for a bit of fun.

Behind some rocks in calmer water Brian jumped out of his kayak and talked Cathy and Derek through a rescue.  Its not only knowing what to do while being rescued but also being able to do one oneself.

Between these intermittent stops we carried on along the shore except ...

... Dean who stopped every now and then to do a roll.

Time was slipping by the further we paddled.

The snows from a week ago had melted in the warmer weather and rain but it was still cool and damp.  Brian pulled out his pocket shelter by Outdoor Research.  It holds four people, Brian ;-) and three others.

Four hours later we approached our put-in point having paddled fourteen kilometers.  It wasn't all about the paddle on the day as new skills were learned along the way.  We were greeted by a rainbow on our return as the solid grey skies broke out into broken sunshine.

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