Sunday, March 8, 2015

I see i-c-i-c-l-e-s

Ever since January 20th when "Frozen" movie theme photo was reported on CBC News people have been flocking to Middle Cove to see the huge frozen wall of ice for themselves.

Today myself and seakayak "Stardust" went to have a look ourselves.  We were not disappointed as were ...

... these three ladies.  It wasn't the only ice clinging to the cliff at Middle Cove.

I was by myself as no one else was able to make it for various reasons.  It was cold when I arrived at 10:00.  There were a number of people on the beach.  Some said I had a nice day for a paddle.  I coudn't agree more as I set out towards Outer Cove on calm seas.

Salt water was frozen to the base of the cliffs and rocks and fresh water percolating through the rock crevices froze into long elegant icicles.  Here, I approach the sea cave known as "The Molar".

I made a swift entrance into the cave crossing my fingers that none of the icicles would break lose as I slid in.

In Outer Cove I got myself into a bit of a predicament when I got in behind a wall of ice to take a shot and found it difficult to extricate myself.  But I did escape to retrace my steps to Middle Cove where ...

... the flow of people continued unabated to the "ice castle".  Everyone wanted photos.  Some were more serious about it bringing tripods.

I crossed along the beach and paddled past the area known as "The Motion" between Middle Cove and Torbay.  Some of the little coves were filled with slob ice that felt like paddling through cement.

I was comfortably in the wind shadow of the land until I entered Torbay where I ran into an incoming snow squall and a stiffer wind.  My plan was to paddle to the beach in Torbay.  I made no concession to the wind to touch the pebbly beach before ...

... turning to have the wind at my back.  In Torbay the cliffs were also clad in sheets of icicles, the reflection in the water catching my eye.

As I approached Motion again I spotted an eagle perched on top of the rock in the center.  I stopped paddling and let the kayak glide hoping it would bring me close enough to take a picture of it before ...

... flew away.  Click on the photos to enlarge to get a better look.

Back at Middle Cove two and a half hours later I took out after a wonderful short paddle.  I could have been using a black and white camera.  The only colours being the the drysuit I was wearing and the mango of the kayak deck.

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