Tuesday, March 17, 2015

A GoPro foredeck camera mount

When you buy a GoPro it comes mounted on a 4 x 4 inch plastic plate with a quick release molded into it.  I've been wondering how I could use it and finally settled on this configuration.

I epoxied it to a slightly larger piece of plexiglass, glued on a piece of rubber on the underside, drilled four holes in the corner and tied a length of line in each corner.

I epoxied the mount to one side of the plex so that when tied to the foredeck the camera mounted neat the center line of the kayak.  The four corners are tied to the decklines.  The rubber glued to the bottom keeps the plex from scratching the deck.  Why I'm worried about that I can't say for sure!

Here it is in action.  Easy to reach and operate the camera but next time I'll tie it on a little further ahead.  I'm still getting the paddle tips flashing in and out of the video, which I don't like.

The only issue I see with the mount is where it is secured so far back from the bow there's a lot of deck in the video.  I will put together another mount that will be a bit taller.  It may then have to be mounted further forward and out of reach so as not to interfere with the paddling motion.

So far I've tried the helmet mount.  There are control issues when wearing neoprene mitts.  This was a good idea and can easily be mounted further forward, even on the hatch cover.

I intend to use a number of different mounts and vantage points to add interest to video compilations.  Video of the Tors Cove paddle in now in the editing room *lol*

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