Saturday, March 28, 2015

Brocks Pond Falls, a repeat performance

The forecast for Saturday was snow, freezing rain and rain.  Not very appealing so I suggested a short paddle close by just to get on the water.  I checked the forecast again before leaving; it had not changed.  As I left for St. Philips it was very foggy but on the water it was clear and calm.

It was spring like.  A lot of snow has melted in recent rains but the massive icicles still survive.

Approaching Portugal Cove the fog hung over the cliffs to the north.

An hour into our paddle and no sign of the inclement weather that was predicted.

Terry checks out this overhanging icicle that was dripping copious water.  I'd like to be around when that comes down but not just then.

We were prepared to paddle in snow, freezing rain and rain but we could not believe our luck so we kept paddling north on ...

... flat calm waters along a coast Dean, Gerard and I paddled last weekend to the same destination of ...

... Brocks Pond Falls.  This weekend the falls were a flowing torrent after the recent rain and milder tempertures.

Checking out the falls up close and personal.

And, why not grab a selfie while I'm at it!

Neville gives a two thumbs up for the day.  A proposed short paddle in crappy weather turned out to be a most enjoyable, easy going paddle.  We had no plans to retrace our paddle of last weekend but as the freezing rain did not materialize, we just kept going.  Chaulk up another 20 kms.

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