Thursday, February 26, 2015

First GoPro video edit

I had my new GoPro Hero4 Silver less than a week and anxious to try it out for video quality.  It is all it is hyped up to be.  Stunning clarity I think.

This is the result of my first edit of the video I shot from a quickly mounted helmet mount.  Not fussy about the helmet mount as it requires concentration not to move the head around abruptly and I'm not struck with the paddle flashing in and out of the field of view.  And, to say nothing about trying to control the camera with neoprene mitts!

Its only a start.  I'll start making some different mounts to get different perspectives.  It will take some time but for now I'm excited about this new aspect of kayaking.

Song "Chapter 2", thanks for use by local Newfoundland band "Another North" from their CD "nomadic" -

For some reason there's no "full screen" button on the embedded video (which makes for better viewing), so here's a link to the YouTube site


  1. Nice little bow rudder at 0:34!

  2. Ya, I like the cross bow rudder more because I find I can get a tighter turn. Nothing too exciting on this paddle but it was only a chance to try the new camera. Looking forward to using some different mounts and in more active water.