Monday, February 16, 2015

A pruner to compliment my hatchet and saw

I've had a nagging cold for what seems like forever.  I've paddled through it the last three weekends but last week's paddle set me back.  This weekend I decided I best stay off the water to give my body the rest it needs to get over the cold.

Instead of paddling, I read about paddling and thought about past camping experiences.  Last summer we landed in Parsons Cove where the only place to camp was on a shrubby bank above the high water mark.  I used my small hatchet to clear a spot but it was really overkill.  The hatchet worked but it wasn't very efficient and bounced off of rocks in trying to cut the twigs off at ground level.

Reflecting on that this weekend I thought I need a set of pruners for small branch low shrubs.  Not only that, but I can use them for cutting the ends of boughs to make a soft bed to lay the tent on if need be.  They don't take up much room and can be crammed in anywhere so today I picked up a pair.  All I need to do is add it to my gear checklist.

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